Alexander Amnesia Delay

Alexander Amnesia Delay

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The Amnesia is carefully tweaked to bring back the vintage tone and response of three distinct analog delay units.

TIME - adjust the delay time from 10ms to 900ms.
REPEAT - controls the feedback of the delay.
MOD - Adds a luscious modulation to the delay. At 12 o‰?clock there is no modulation. Clockwise adds a slow chorus and counter-clockwise adds a fast vibrato.
MIX - Controls the blend between fully dry (clean) and fully wet (repeat only) echo sound. 12 o‰?clock is an equal mix of clean and echo.
*Hint: The Mod knob works even when the delay time turned all the way down, allowing the Amnesia to function as an analog-flavored chorus pedal.

Mode Toggle:
MN3005 - Warm repeats with excellent fidelity and mild ‰ÛÏbucket loss‰ where each of the delay repeats becomes a bit softer and more diffuse.
SAD4096 - A very distinct tone where longer delay times have a pronounced distortion character. [This mode will sound like a spaceship a bit sooner than the others.]
MN3208 - Audibly darker tone with soft and super murky repeats. Perfect for ambient pads and washes if you use your volume knob right.
Model: ALEX-AD
Manufacturer: Alexander