Swart Space Tone Stereo Head *sold*
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Swart Space Tone Stereo Head *sold*

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Ever heard what a TRUE guitar stereo effect sounds like? We're not talking about any digital device; we mean two separate all-tube amplifiers engulfing your sound in lush analog effects, sending the signals around the room in a sonic whirlwind.
This is exactly what the Swart Space Tone Stereo Amp can do. It sports two distinct 5 watt Class A Single Ended amplifiers, built with the same handmade quality and uncompromising purity that Swart amps are known for.
With your guitar going into channel one; the ST Stereo Head will split your signal to both amplifiers, at which point you will have tone and volume control over each. You can then add varying amounts of tremolo to one side, and reverb to the other, creating a HUGE 3-D effect that just cannot be duplicated with any modern digital processor. These two outputs can be sent to dedicated cabinets for unlimited separation, or into the convenient single Swart ST Stereo Cab, which angles two 12” speakers out at 45 degree angles for enhanced effect. This head also offers a second input, in which case the amp will handle dual guitars in true stereo mode. No matter how you use it, you can count on the soul of 100% analog, handmade, tube-driven amplification sending your music into the stratosphere.

Hand Wired Point to Point
All Tube Circuit
Can be powered by 6V6 or6L6 Tubes
Dual 5w Amps with Single Ended Circuits
Selectable 4/8 ohms for each Amp
2 Seperate Inputs
Twin Outputs to Run Two Cabinets
Volume/Tone Controls Per Channel
100% Tube Reverb and Tremolo
Manufacturer: Swart